Younger Women Dating Older Men – Weakness, Passion or Experience?

younger women dating older men


Yes, of course my dear readers, we all see younger women dating older men around us. At first, majority of us are surprised and put lots of questions, try to find reasons and yes, of course there is an abundance of reasons. Can we find one source of all these reasons? Are all the examples similar to each other? I will try to speak about some major subconscious aspects and find some possible links between them.



That is probably the worst word for every human, that horrible word, that knocks us down to the earth, reminds us the things we try to avoid and forget. Weakness – that is something that we all have, no human is perfect. Yes, of course the weakness is one of the reasons for younger women dating older men. It’s the weakness of both sides – younger woman and older man. Maybe, younger women seeking for safety and insurance and older men seeking for source of rebirth and emotions to color their black-and-white life.



Yes and yes, of course the passion is always there and again, both sides have that passion. It’s not important whether that passion comes from physical attractiveness or not. Women often love themselves in a role of a cute kitten, or puppy of a strong and experienced man and older men have a great passion towards young, unexperienced women, which they could manage according to their will. That’s quite dirty, but that subconscious aspect is in the head of every human.



This aspect seems to be most positive and yes, of course it plays quite a significant role. The world is cruel and full of pain, so everyone seeks for safety, especially young women that have just discovered the whole world and feel quite unsafe. They look for a new father, an older man, that would take care of her and make all her wishes come true. An experienced man, that has wisdom of life, who will speak self-assured and intellectually, with calm and confident voice.


The magical unity

So, my readers we have talked about three reasons, but they appeared to be quite linked to each other. It’s like a magic circle, because weakness causes passion towards experience, or inexperience causes weakness and passion and we can rotate this triangle just as we want. So, to return back to the main question – is there any source, that one source of every reason? Yes, of course there is one main reason, that I did not mention in the heading and that unites all these three branches and millions of other branches, because there are really millions of reasons.

Don’t you think that there can be only these three reasons? No, of course, these are just some outlined ones. So, to name that deep source we shall look at the issue from a different point of view. At first, I will tell you that there’s no difference whether a young woman dates an older man, or a young man dates an older woman, or a couple of the same age date each other. All the weaknesses and dark sides of human are always present. The only true problem and issues we shall talk about is – is there love, or not?

So, there are millions of ways and billions of ways that have magical unity and that form a real labyrinth and I would call that labyrinth – The absence of love. If there’s no love, what is the difference between getting married to an older one or younger one or to animal maybe? Yes, of course that’s the only direct way called – love. When it’s present everything is clear and simple, when it’s not there everything is very complicated and irrational. So, this is the secret topic of this article with a different name and – Yes, of course my dear readers, we all see younger women dating older men around us. Yes, of course!

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