Why I Always Date Older Men?

younger women dating older men

In the sphere of dating, researchers have discovered that the preferences of male and female sexes are modifying with changing times. From the times of caved men, where courtship and relationships had primal motive to produce a healthy offspring, to the modern world, where financial aspects and physical beauty have dominated the market, trends related to dating have also changed significantly.

Younger women are looking for older men, and older men also prefer having a young female partner, than someone of their own age. It’s not because of some social trend that has emerged recently, but because of various scientific reasons behind the same.

Younger Women Like to Date Older Men? Why?

There have been studies proving that how relationships, marriage and dating have evolved from prehistoric times, to the modern era. Now financial security is a vital requirement, where the female partner needs a confidence that the man can provide for her and her children, and for the male, the assurance that his female partner is fertile till a long time, play an important role when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Young females also get attracted towards gentlemanly gestures and class, something which older men possess. Men in their early years are obsessed with many things, they are narcissists and sometimes have fake personality, while older men know and understand life better, and are mature in every sense, which attracts females of young age. They wish to be associated with someone who has a panache of his own, and someone who respects women. Older men hold an expertise in it since they have seen a larger part of life, compared to their young female partners. Also, older men are sexually more experienced which is one of the most common reasons why younger females prefer them as a life partner.

True Reasons For Older Men Dating Younger Women

Older men intuitively know that a female of their age, might soon hit menopause which might affect her child-bearing capacity, and she might not be as fertile as someone half her age, which is why the preference of older men shifts towards younger women. While the young females on the other hand, choose older men over someone around their age, because they know that older men are financially well-settled and established in their lives, and can provide stability to her life. She can be rest assured that he will value love, family and relationship over money, while someone of her own age would be busy making a career while juggling between love and family life.

Older men also want someone who can colour their lives with a jovial attitude, and a provide them a fresh outlook, something which a younger woman can provide more over an older woman. Hanging out with someone younger takes you back to the times that you cherish and wish to get back, and a young female provides similar experience to the old man.

This is the prime reason, why many of the celebrities who are in their fifties or even above, are dating girls which are not more than twenty-five. They find the love and compatibility with each other, which they can’t find elsewhere. They know that they complete each other, which is why they decide to start a relationship and many even convert their relationships into successful marriages. The examples of younger women dating older men can be seen everywhere, and it’s not a new phenomenon.

Dating is a healthy habit, and relationships should always contribute positively to your life, adding to your growth and maturity. Doesn’t matter if your partner is younger or older, patience and understanding are what you need to sustain a relationship.



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