Ten Causes of Conflict in Older Men Younger Women Relationships


No couple will agree on all matters. Points of disagreements often occur even you swipe right on her profile on Tinder app. But when a girl decides to be in a relationship with a man 20 years older than her, these differences becomes more evident and may occur often.

The following presents a summary of key issues that often causes disagreements between such couples:

  1. Conflict of entertainment

Most people do have particular taste regarding movies, operas, music, and novels. In everyday conversations, you will always find someone making citations to some of his cherished literature. But when you marry someone two decades older than yourself, the chances of you sharing the same tastes in the entertainment industry is very slim.

  1. To him, you are always young and inexperienced

Owing to his age and experience, the sugar daddy has a feeling of being highly knowledgeable than the young girl. The young woman regards herself as an adult and even well learned hence wants to be considered as an equal partner. Hence the generation gap conflict.

  1. Different priorities

The average old man has lived his life to the fullest; he has been married and had kids. Probably he’s focused on his Ph.D. while the young lady wishes to start a family. The sugar baby is still possessed by the spirit of exploration. As a result, the old man is not over enthusiastic about the “first time experiences.” as the young girl is.

  1. Fashion and trend

Younger women are always eager to be at par with the changing fashion and style. Consequently, she would be happy if her boyfriend is keen on the trend in clothing’s fashion. But due to their age disparities, attire that pleases the young woman might even be offensive to the older man. Moreover, the older man might not have the taste to dress according to the prevailing fashion.

  1. Difficulty in locating uniting friends

On the standard setting, one always hangs out with his peers. This is because there is much to share with your peers. Although you can easily find older men dating younger women, when in comes to the social life, she will still reach out to her age mates. It might be uneasy for the couple to have the same circle of friends.

  1. Being distant from friends and relatives

When a young woman befriends a man say 25 years above her age, she will be met first with opposing views from the family and friends. The motive of the rich man dating a young woman will be highly questionable. She may even become an object of reproach in the society. Hence the woman might then not be free to show off or walk around with her old man.

  1. Giving orders

A rich man dating a young lady in away would want to treat her just like her daughter. This would mean being over protective and issuing her orders. Her parental influence can better be seen owning or trying to sway all the decisions to follow his way.

  1. Financial issues

One of the primary reasons for dating an older man is the financial security it accords. However, when the young woman is not employed, discontent might soon crop in. She may also wish to work and earn her money. The man, on the other hand, may be providing for everything hence sees no need for the woman craving for employment.

  1. Limited adventure opportunities

When you grow older, your immunity deteriorates, and therefore long-term diseases begin. Due to aging and health reasons, the sugar daddy is soon thrilled by adventurers.   Such elderly persons would shy away from activities demanding much energy. This even applies in the home environment.

  1. To have or not to have kids

The old man might have been divorced or no longer interested in to have children. Still, he might have children that need a mother. The young woman might not be interested in bringing up adopted kids without her offspring.

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