How to Hook up Younger Women on Dating Apps like Tinder?

hook up young girls on tinder

There are many hacks that make it tedious for most of the old guys above 30+ willing about dating younger girls. It can be difficult to hook up with the girl on the dating apps like tinder app. In this article, we will try to reveal the potential mistakes that most of these men make while dating young girls online. These mistakes will help them to cut on the possibilities of rejection and increase their chances of winning a date with younger girls. These points will also help them to understand the psychology and the categories of the young women for older men that are on the apps like tinder and other for dating.

First of all, you must understand the broad categories of young girls that you may find on the apps for dating young girls. These categories can be considered as the girls that can be dived into three different groups based on their perception and ideas about dating a man. You may find the three categories of a woman on these apps that are as below:

  • Women those are hardly interested in dating older guys irrespective of their position, looks or money.
  • A category of women is specifically looking for older men and reluctant towards dating men of their age group.
  • The last category is of the women that are not bothered about the age and are looking someone of their type.

While trying to hook up with the younger girls on the apps like tinder or the other dating sites, you must understand that it is difficult to find the girl from the first category to hook up with and you have to try to date the girls from the last two categories. These girls have the least resistance towards dating older guys and can also hook up easily. Now we will discuss the mistakes that shall be avoided for dating young girls successfully.

  1. Don’t be pretentious: This is what most of the women hate while looking in for a relationship or dating an older guy. You may readily lose your chances of winning a date with younger girls when you start pretending or try to act younger than your age. You have ample chances of dating young girls from the second category, but when you start trying to look younger you lose the chance. These women are looking for the older guys and by trying to look young you are keeping them away from you. SO be original and go ahead for dating young girls from the second category.
  2. Don’t lose your patience: This is what most of the older guys miss the bull’s eye. While dating young girls you need to have patience as you may either be communicating with the girls from the second and third category. So you have to wait for getting comfortable with your date before stepping ahead in the relationship. Most of the older guys are getting impatient while dating young girls and want that she must react readily to be with them. This is the biggest mistake that most of the old guys make that let them lose their date.
  3. Groom yourself sensibly: This is all about your appearance while dating young girls. You need to appear cool and tidy in your appearance. It is not required from you to wear like a teenager, but you must look decent when you are approaching for the first time to date a younger girl.

Remove all your craps like the untidy hair or the insensible shoes. It is better to be in a formal dress that looks sophisticated and adds to your dignity as an established old guy. This is what that attracts the young girls you want to hook up with.

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